English Writing: Cross-Pacific Exchange (19th Round)
Cross-Pacific Exchange is an attempt to facilitate internet communication through Write-to-Learn activities between students in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China and the Pennsylvania State University, USA.. The nineteenth round which is currently underway is a heated discussion on a Chinese film Blind Mountain and an American film Nightmare in Badham County between Chinese and American undergraduates by adding posts beneath each of the commenting articles written by students from both sides. It is expected that the participants in China and America will improve mutual understanding linguistically, culturally, and artistically. Other readers from both the English speaking world and China are welcome to join in the exchange by sending your comments firstly to the e-address: writetolearn@126.com


[1] Restrain the Weakness of Morality
[2] Nightmare & Blind Mountain?
[3] Women Right Protection: The Goals of the Whole World
[4] Blind Community
[5] Escape from the Blindness
[6] Why Are They Trapped?
[7] Struggle in the Nightmare
[8] Be a Human
[9] Multi-factors Contributed to Feminine Tragedies
[10] “Movie Is a Little Rock in Your Shoes.”
[11] A World without Hope
[12] Contrasts and Reflections on Blind Mountain and Nightmare in Badham County
[13] Fight for Feminism
[14] Review of the Two Movies
[15] Deindividuation and Group Polarization --in Nightmare in Badham County and Blind Mountain
[16] Film Review: Nightmare in Badhum County and Blind Mountain
[17] Watch and Think
[18] The Equality We Want
[19] A Hopeless Waiting
[20] Drowning in Sorrow
[21] What Happened in Our Legal Society
[22] Blind Eye
[23] Why They Failed in Their Escapes
[1] A comparison of the Two Films
[2] Discrimination: Still Serious Issues Today
[3] Common Themes of the Two Films
[4] Problems Reflected by the Two Films
[5] Parallels between the Societies
[6] The Similar Themes of Both the Films
[7] On Women Inequality
[8] The Mistreatment of Women has no Borders
[9] Unheard Female Voices
[10] Films Review
[11] Movies with Comparable Themes
[12] Comparing the Social Context of Blind Mountain and Nightmare in Badham County
[13] Border Crossing Activity: U.S.A and China
[14] Covered Social Issues
[15] The Comparison of “Blind Mountain” and “Nightmare in Badham County”
[16] Nightmare in Badham County and Blind Mountain
[17] Comparison of Blind Mountain and Nightmare in Bradham County
[18] Social Issues Depicted in Blind Mountain and Nightmare in Badham County
[19] Power Struggle: A Comparison of Authority Figures Abusing their Positions
[20] Comparing Blind Mountain and Nightmare in Bedham County
[21] Border Crossing: A Film Comparison
[22] Knowledge Is not Power
[23] Local Culture Can Create Conflict